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TCC-45 SVO Cutting Machine

Pipe diameters
: 1,5–22 mm
Pipe material: Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Copper / Nickel, Stainless steel, Steel
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Cutting
Max. wall thickness: Cu Al 1,5 mm, Steel 1 mm

Most commonly used in:

TCC-45 SVO Automatic Rotary Cut-off machine with Servo Motor based feeding


  • No expensive saw blades needed
  • Longer blade life
  • No material loss between cuts
  • No chips – no need for deburring system
  • No investment for chip handling system
  • Biological lubrication – no need to wash before brazing
  • Fast cycle time – maximum ~3000 pieces / hour
  • Cuts always exact 90° to the tube run
  • Inline End Forming available after cutting (1-8 hits)
    – replaces the investment for one more production step
  • Low operating noise level
  • Waste minimizing and cut piece optimization systems
  • Trusted: T-DRILL has more than 500 TCC machine references globally

The TCC-45 SVO is an Automatic Rotary Tube Cut-off Machine for cutting of all malleable materials such as aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steel. The tube diameters are Ø1,5–Ø22 mm.

This servo controlled roll feed system enables quick and easy cut length changes using the touch screen. TCC-45 SVO was designed for those applications where the cut lengths are longer than 2 m. It provides a smoother faster method of feeding longer tube, especially when compared to the standard hitch-feed method. TCC-45 SVO is typically used for cutting tubes from coil.

TCC-45 SVO is an energy saving solution and thus an ecological alternative to machines where the feeding of the tube is carried out by compressed air. After cutting, the cut tubes are guided to a Tube collection table that assures straight run out of tubing and allows even roll down to the collection point.

TCC-45 SVO Cutting Machine

Maximum tube diameter
Ø22 mm (7/8") Copper, Aluminium / Ø12 (1/2") Steel

Wall thickness
0,4–1,5 mm (0.02"–0.06") Copper, Aluminium / 0,4–1,0 mm (0.02"– 0.04") Steel
Repeatibility accuracy
(cutting feed)
±0.2 mm/1 m
Tube materials Aluminium, Copper, Steel
Compressed air supply 6 bar = 600 kPa
Connected power 6,3 kW
Fuses max. 3 x 63 A (380–480 V)

Note! Above values are intended as a guide only.

TCC-45 SVO Cutting Machine

Double Vertical Decoiler
The double vertical decoiler minimizes the coil change over time: When the machine is cutting one coil, the other coil can be changed by the operator.

Horizontal decoiler
The horizontal decoiler with tension arm or tension unit secures smooth availability for tube feeding.

Tension arm or tension unit
The tension system absorbs jerks exercised on the coil and controls the uncoiling speed. For heavy coils (max weight 1200 kg) there is an electronically controlled tension unit.

Straightening Systems
It is recommended to use a straightener when the tube comes from coil. In our static straightener, precision machined rolls are mounted in two planes and adjusted by the operator to give straight tube. These rolls are specific for each diameter of tube and the straightener is purchased with the number of rolls required by the material. It can also be furnished with a calibration device, which re-rounds any soft tube deformed by the coiling process. Straighteners can be equipped with a pre-straightening device for handling difficult-to-straighten tubes.

Tube handling systems after cutting

Diverting Table for max. 2, 4 or 6 m long cut lengths. The tube diverting table assures straight center line of tube before and after cut-off, allowing even roll down to collection point. This table separates the scrap pieces from the useable parts and sorts good part to three different locations.

The optional tube rewind station is custom built to your specifications. It is available for tube size from 1.5 – 22 mm and incorporates a defect part elimination system. Parts that pass the eddy current or paint detector are sent to the production end of the machine while bad parts are sent to a scrap area.

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