Commissioning and training

When you purchase a T-DRILL product you want it to be operational as soon as possible and you want your staff to be self-sufficient with it. T-DRILL can support you with multi-skilled, field service staff that will help you to get the machine ready for production at earliest after arrival and to get maximum use of the machine and manufacturing technology. We are proud of our multi-skilled, international field service staff that work in close cooperation with product specialists at T-DRILL companies.

Training ensures that operators know how to use their machines correctly and efficiently, thus minimizing operating costs. During operator training, the customer will learn valuable information about machine maintenance and servicing needs.

Training includes:

  • Machine safety
  • Settings of the machine
  • Settings of the tools used with the machine
  • Operations of the machine
  • Instructions how to best use the machine to improve productivity and quality
  • Features of the spare parts list
  • Preventive maintenance of the machine and tools
  • All above mentioned is done with support of instruction manual to ensure that information is located in future when needed.


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