HFT-2000 Collaring Unit


Collar sizes: 8–54 mm
Run tube sizes: 15–114 mm
Pipe material: Copper
Work cycle time: 15–60 sec
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Collaring

Most commonly used in:

HFT-2000 Manifold Fabricating Machine for Copper

Semiautomatic unit for small volume production of T-DRILL collars

T-DRILL HFT-2000 Hand Feed Table is a manually operated device to be used in conjunction with T-DRILL T-35 or T-65 collaring machines.

Bent tubes can be fixed to the table, too.

The standard version is for 2000 mm long tubes. The capacity of the basic HFT can be increased with optional 2000 mm extension modules that easy to install. Basic HFT can be extended with as many modules as needed.

With the HFT 2000 you can produce twenty 28 mm (1 1/8″) outlets in less than ten minutes without moving the tube. The device can be used also for short tube lengths by furnishing the feed table with corresponding clamping systems. T-65 HFT is capable for producing collars 8–54mm in run tubes from 15–114 mm. More details can be found in capability chart in ‘Technical Information’.

T-DRILL collars give the most reliable tube joints being used with the most extreme applications. Use T-DRILL – no leakages.

The following additional modules are available optionally:

Rotary Module
The rotary module is an option, when making collars with different angles. The standard rotary module has intervals of 15 degrees. Any other degree interval is possible when using a different template. The templates are easy and quick to change when needed.

Measure Module
The optional measure module increases the usability of HFT, when collaring individual mixed size products. The measure module shows the distance in a digital display. 

IPC Module
Hand Feed Table (HFT) basic unit can be equipped also with a pneumatic operated Internal Punching Unit (IPC), for producing 6, 8, 10 or 12mm “IPC-collars” with fixed tooling.

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HFT-2000 Collaring Unit


Max wall thickness according to capacity chart for copper (T-35 range inside rectangle)

Capacity Chart HFT-2000

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