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TCC-25 LM Cutting Machine

Pipe diameters
: 4,76–25 mm
Pipe material: Aluminium, Carbon steel, Copper, Stainless steel, Steel
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Cutting

Most commonly used in:

TCC-25 LM Linear Motor Cutting Machine

Very fast and extremely accurate TCC-25 LM chipless cut-off machine uses Linear Feeding system for cutting tubes to length up to 6000 mm.

The machine has been designed to cutting the raw material fed from coil. The cutting method is adapted for use with all malleable materials such as aluminium, copper and steel.

It also has the power that is needed to feed and straighten tubes up to diameter 25 mm or coiled steel tubing up to 12 mm diameter (Wall thicknesses between 0,4–2,5 mm)

By experience T-DRILL has found out that 3 m/s feeding speed and accelleration of 25 m/s2 are normally the maximum values – which if keeping in mind the cut-quality and length tolerances are very high compared to any other method.

What makes TCC-25 LM special is the ability to cut several cut-lengths automatically based on touch screen parameters. These different lengths will be sorted automatically after the cutting operation by the sorting table. The automatic cutting of different lengths is a useful function, when the assembly requireds several cut lengths from the same tube diameter.

Another useful application is to have single TCC-25 LM for cutting lenth tubes for several bending or endforming machines that are all making different parts.

The operator interface is a touch screen control panel. It includes advanced functions and diagnostics, which makes TCC-25 LM very easy to use – even for a non-skilled operator. From the control panel the operator can change settings and parameters.

It is likely that the industries will be using coils more frequently instead of straight length tubes. Coil sizes will also become larger. Tube diameters on coils will also likely to be larger and coiled steel tubing will be used more frequently. With TCC-25-LM linear motor based cut-off, a dedicated decoiling system, a straightener with quick changeable rolls and advanced software T-DRILL will meet the most of these demanding cut-off applications.

TCC-25 LM Cutting Machine


Linear motors provide direct linear motion wihout mechanical linkages as ball screws do. A permanent magnet linear motor can be thought of as a permanent magnet rotary motor, whose stator and rotor have been cut along a radial plane and unrolled so that it provides linear thrust.

The same forces of electromagnetism that produce torque in rotary motors are used to produce direct linear force in linear motors. The result is a flat linear motor that produces linear force, as opposed to torque, because the axis of rotation no longer exists.

The motors are typically supplied as construction kits. They include:

  • Linear motor construction kit
  • The primary part contains 3-phase coils
  • The secondary part contains the magnets
  • Machine carrier
  • Linear measurement system



Diameter of the tube to be cut
O.D. Ø4,76–22 mm

Wall thickness
0,4–2,5 mm depending on the tube material

Material of the tube
Aluminium, Copper, Steel

Cutting speed
300–3000 pcs/h depending on
the cutting length
Compressed air supply
6 bar

Connected power
9 kW

Fuses max.
3 x 63 A

Supply voltage
200-240 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
400-480 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
Weight of the machine
1400 kg

Noise level
Max. 78 dB

Note! Above values are intended as a guide only.

TCC-25 LM Cutting Machine


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